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The Owl Family

a sleeping owl…

I have never seen an owl my entire life and it was about time I was going to see one…

This is about my journey at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary , known worldwide for migratory birds and bird species which might not get to see anywhere in India.

It all started in morning 0600 hrs with daylight sky emerging up with sunrise. Cool winter breeze was making it all good a journey I was always dreaming of. There were three modes to take a tour of the sanctuary…on foot, bicycle or a tricycle. But what I preferred was a tricycle as the person who was going to ride me was himself a good guide which saved me me bucks hiring a professional guide. 

As we drove inside for about 15 minutes, we encountered this big tree which was called ‘The Family of Owls’ and owls have been living there for quiet sometime..years to be precise. I saw these beautiful 4 owls sitting together, with their eyes closed. For someone seeing owls for the first time, it was a beautiful moment. I tried sneaking inside to get a little closer look and capture this beautiful moment. 

It was my first such encounter with a “family of owls” which really made my start of the journey mesmerizing. 

More to follow…


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